Great Radios

25 Apr

Several readers sent emails asking about my favorite radios after seeing yesterday’s posting.

At the moment my favorite is the AOR AR7030. It’s a bit pricey but the features and sensitivity are worth it for DX.

Second on my list is also a table top communications receiver the ICOM R75. It’s fun and great when tuning hard to find stations in sideband.

The Eton E1 is a very good portable. It has nice features, but a little too big to be considered a good travel radio.

Eton and Grundig make a G5. It’s a small portable that has amazing sensitivity for DXing.

The best of the portables in my opinion is the tried and true Sony 2010. Mine is 20 years old, and has been refurbished. It works like new.

The Sangean DT-200VX is a great little pocket radio, with very good DX ability.

Believe it or not the Sony Walkman SRF-59 is a mini DX machine. There have been reports of hearing trans Pacific and trans Atlantic stations here in the US. It sells for less than $20 at Target.

A great antenna for AM DX is the Quantum Loop. Each one is hand made by Gerry Thomas. Put a Quantum Loop on any of these radios and you’re really in business.

Gerry’s company is called Radioplus and found on the web at

You can see most of the radios at the Universal Radio website, which is

I’d love to hear which radios you prefer. Email me at

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