A New Day

20 Apr

Knock off the anger and get back to work!

Radio is never going to be like it was ten years ago.

The rules changed partly because the technology changed and oh yeah, the rules changed too. These things happened at virtually the same time.

Joel Barker would identify this as a ‘paradigm shift’.

It is every bit as big a shift as the quartz crystal brought to Swiss watch making. It killed the business and inexpensive Japanese watches dominated the market inside of six months.

Radio has been through this before.

One can only imagine how soap opera actors were none too happy when they lost their jobs to a bunch of screaming disk jockeys in 1954.

The NBC sound effects man either learned to operate a television camera or he was out of work.

Change brings opportunity and so it has this time.

Let the whiners complain on Allaccess and Radio-Info about how the business is over.

But don’t you do it.

Take a deep breath then look around for the next big opportunity. They are out there and probably not in a traditional job role.

No company can guarantee your employment. It is up to you to guarantee your own employability.

Have you learned a new skill lately? Have you taken the time not only to learn but master the software at your station?

It amazes me how many people say they can’t do some of the simplest things with software. Sorry, but if you were piloting an airplane you’ve be required to know the equipment.

Yes, it is possible, even probable that your station will endure layoffs. So, what have you done to make sure you offer a broad range of skills that will keep you there?

On that ‘Black Monday or Tuesday” somebody is going to be picked to stay and someone will leave. Why should they choose you to stay? What makes you the keeper?

Smaller staffs mean opportunity for somebody. Perhaps you are great at voice tracking, or fast with production. These are valued skills in today’s radio station.

The more you can do, the better your chances of staying around.

We can’t bring back the all-night show as a training ground. Hey, didn’t you hate doing over-nights anyway? I did.

The four-hour live jock shift is gone too. Be real. Do you really need a live, college educated person waiting around in a studio to do four ten second breaks an hour? Not with the technology that exists today.

Come to think of it, most of the people complaining about loss of live four hour shifts were always outside smoking.

The question to ponder is how you can take the tools available and use your talent to create interesting and different radio?

The person able to think differently about the technology and find new answers will thrive.

The person longing for cart machines and CD players is a dinosaur. Home Depot is hiring.

This column could have been written ten years ago. All of this stuff has been in place that long. Yet, blogs are filled with yesterday’s PDs and jocks talking about how great they were and how bad it is now.

They’re living in yesterday.

Today’s tools are better than ever. Multi-track editors offer endless options for great production where once only four-track existed.

Let the others complain. But not you.

There is magic in those Prophet Systems. You just have to make it happen.

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